Longtime friends Loki and Fenrir are hoping to find an adoptive home where they can remain together. Loki is an 11 year old mixed breed (guess is boxer/terrier) who weighs 65 pounds. Fenrir is 12 years old, he is a 65 pound Norwegian Elkhound.

These boys sound like well socialized dogs. They do well with other dogs, they’ve lived with cats and have shown little interest in them. Both are said to be good around kids, but as they are aging, prefer older children.

Loki can get excited when meeting or greeting people, small children or elderly people could be knocked over in his excitement; best to avoid that! Fenrir sounds a bit more refined having served as an emotional support dog. He’s retired now but he has retained his good manners. However, he prefers humans to display good manners too. Fenrir does not appreciate someone putting their face in his or when he’s pulled on- totally understandable!

When the humans need to leave the house Loki and Fenrir are accustomed to staying inside the house, hanging out on the couch or the cool floor. They can “hold it” for quite a while if necessary, though most likely they’d rather not have to wait too long. Both dogs will bark to let you know a delivery or visitor has arrived. Fenrir will also bark when he’s hungry.

Fenrir and Loki love their walks! We are told they are very good on leash. They both are showing signs of “minor” arthritis. Neither take any medication or supplements for that but it may help. As we always recommend, vet visit should be planned for the pair upon adoption. These boys are up to date on vaccines but it is unknown if they’ve had a full senior exam with lab work. At this time both can still manage stairs but those could become harder as they age. Both dogs love going for car rides and enjoy any time they get to spend around their family.

Described as being ” wonderful, sweet old companion dogs who love their humans”, Loki and Fenrir are ready to join a new home and stay for the rest of their days!

Fenrir and Loki are located in Stanwood, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Loki and Fenrir are not Old Dog Haven dogs. Old Dog Haven has not assessed these dogs for medical issues and will not be responsible for medical care after adoption. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 

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