Little Flower, a small but mighty Shih Tzu, was brought to a shelter in just horrible condition: huge wounds and open sores all over from demodex and a badly bulging eye. When she arrived at her ODH foster home, everyone sprang into action to try to ease her misery and clear up all the problems. She started on medication for the mites and secondary infections and had a badly needed dental. The vet discovered that she’d been spayed after multiple c-sections (no double no longer being useful for breeding, so discarded), and that there were two different multi-drug-resistant bacteria in her skin. He removed enlarged mammary glands which we hope ended cancer possibilities there, but the PRSP concern made it to dangerous to remove the bulging eye. Careful topical treatment kept her eye comfortable and Flower began to open up into a beautiful creature – who absolutely runs her home. Humans and all the other dogs salute General Flower. She was a tough shih tzu who was very vocal about her list of needs. Her foster family spent their days spoiling Flower rotten and trying to give her a wonderful retirement to make up for all she had been through. Last July Flower was diagnosed with indolent lymphoma and shortly after that she stopped walking on her own. That did not stop her from enjoying the finer things in life, like being carried everywhere she needed to go and eating like a queen. She was the baby of the family and the smallest dog in the foster pack and spent her days cuddled up in on someone’s lap or snuggling with her family in bed. Even though she could no longer walk, her loud little bark told you exactly what she wanted you to do for her. Sadly little Flower’s heart started to give out and after two and a half years with the family that adored her, they had to say goodbye. Thanks to Old Dog Haven, Flower lived out the last years of her life like every old dog should. She was adored, pampered and truly, truly loved. Her giant spirit will be missed terribly. She passed away August, 2014.