Meet Frank, a 15 pound long hair dapple dachshund who is not quite 13 years old. Can you see that Frank has 2 different colored eyes? He certainly is a handsome fellow! Frank wants you to know he is still active and he’d like to find a new home with someone who will take him for a walk once a day. He has helped raise a family of children so he is accustomed to kids. He would be great in a home with kids who will treat him gently and with respect. Reportedly Frank can do stairs but as anyone who knows this breed will tell you, too many stairs can be very hard on them. Recently Frank has been a little sensitive about being moved or picked up so he could have some arthritis.

Frank has lived with other dogs before and he likes them! He also likes cats. Frank is used to staying home alone in his kennel during the work day. His hope is to find a new home where he’s not left alone for so many hours. This is not because he can’t manage that but because he longs for companionship. Just like most dachshunds, he WILL bark when he’s excited. One should take that into consideration when deciding whether or not Frank would be a good match for your home. He is a friendly, snuggly guy who wants very badly to be part of a family.

Frank is Redmond, WA ready to be your new best friend.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

Frank dox -FS071616