Meet Frankie. Originally of the duo Frankie & Beanie, these bonded girls were left at a shelter because their owners had a change of lifestyle. Their Old Dog Haven mom tells us, “Fortunately for me, ODH allowed me to be their Final Refuge mom and after getting all their medical needs addressed they have settled into their new home with ease!”

She tells us that “Frankie is blind but I’m sure she thinks that’s the way everyone is. Her spirit and determination is never ending. Beanie seldom allows me to go into a different room without coming with me. She doesn’t want to miss out on anything. They are truly a joy.”

Update:  Sadly, Beanie’s health failed and her family had to say goodbye.  Frankie is adjusting well and relying even more on her Final Refuge mom.

After 4 wonderful years, Frankie passed away in her sleep.  She was such a dear companion and we are grateful she could stay for so long.


we go together like beans-n-franks!