“My name’s Fred! I’m a good boy who needs a home. Will you help me find one? I found myself lost with no where to go when this nice lady found me and brought me to her home. She’s kept me safe, taken me to the vet a few times and loved me. Unfortunately this nice lady cannot keep me anymore. I’m just grateful she has kept me safe and is willing to find the best home for me.

“I’m a husky and I weigh about 58 pounds. The vet told Nice Lady that I’m between 12-13 years old but Nice Lady says I don’t act like I’m “that old” because I have lots of energy! While she’s at work, Nice Lady has a dog walker come to take me for walks. I like to run and play. I’m strong and I can pull. Hey what do you expect, I’m a husky!

“Nice Lady has 2 cats and I’m very polite to them. When I see other dogs I can get excited because I want to PLAY! Kids see me and they all want to hug me. I let them but someone needs to teach those kids to be careful about hugging dogs, not all of them are as tolerant as I am. If I find a new home, I’m hoping it will be with only gentle children.

“I can climb stairs still. I have to go up and down the stairs to Nice Lady’s trailer. It’s a small trailer so during the day I stay outside while she’s gone. Nice lady knows I’d rather be able to be inside during the day especially when the weather is too hot or too cold. I’m very well potty trained. I’ve never had an accident in Nice Lady’s trailer.

“I guess I’m showing my age when it comes to my hearing and vision. I have to admit that neither are as sharp as they used to be. But I adapt very well to my surroundings. I love being groomed. Nice Lady brushes me and even vacuums me-it feels really good!

“I’m a friendly, active fellow who likes meeting new people. I am a loving boy who hopes to find a loving home with someone who wants to take care of me just like Nice Lady has. I am ready to join my forever family.”

Fred is in Tacoma, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.