Freddie.  What a personality he had…demanding constant attention. He was relentless in this, not sociable with his other furry companions most of the time, yet he was tolerant with them as much as he could muster. He preferred us…those who fed him, took him for walks, kept him warm or cool and just plain cared for him. We earned his trust. A scrawny, hairless and toothless little bitty guy with loads of spunk who we brought home on August 18, 2015.
We learned quickly that though he was surrounded by many other 4-legged ones, he didn’t like to be left anywhere where he couldn’t see a person around. We’d hear his distinctive yelp…he’d let it out if he thought no person was around him. Just wasn’t having that!

Freddie was loving and we loved him dearly. The tender care he received during the 5 short months we had him showed up in that he started to grow hair all over his tiny frame and he gained weight. We were happy to see it happen.
As quickly as he came to us, it seemed that it was just as quickly that we let him go…having become unexpectedly and seriously ill overnight. We held him and we were there with him as he gave his last breath. Thank you Old Dog Haven for giving us this time with Freddie.

Goodnight Freddie. Farewell dearest one…We love you.