From Fritz’s Final Refuge mom:

“Fritz came into the welcoming fold of Old Dog Haven when a concerned family member advocated for him to live out his remaining time in a better situation than he was in. His previous owner of 14 years had become incapable of providing for his physical needs, which resulted in raging ear infections, long/deformed toenails and teeth coated with tartar.

“Despite his physical neglect, I believe that this sweet boy had been treated with kindness and love, as evidenced by his desire to cuddle and be touched in general, to give gentle kisses, and his interest in meeting people and other dogs. He has been surprisingly cooperative with daily ear cleanings and along with antibiotics, the infection is now gone. His neglected nails are going to be an ongoing project and his teeth will soon be cleaned but I’m certain he feels much better already!

“Being new to ODH, I couldn’t be more pleased and in love with my first Final Refuge foster dog. It didn’t take long for Fritz to settle into his new home. His deafness was a bit of a challenge at first, but with the assistance of my resident dog, he soon learned the routine. He and Maggie have become great pals and will frequently cuddle up together in the same bed. His favorite activity, aside from naps in front of the gas fireplace, is the daily morning walk. As soon as he sees the harness and leash come into view, his little stump tail starts a-churnin’ and the barking/whining ensues. His joy is infectious and it’s a pleasure to provide this outlet for him. He says he’ll return the favor by bringing me coffee in bed…well, we’ll see.

“I’m so grateful for ODH. None of us know what unfortunate life experiences may come our way and it gives me comfort to know there is a dedicated group of people who care so deeply about the old dogs caught up in the aftermath. I’d like to express my appreciation to the many supporters who make all this possible with their generous donations!”

Update:  When frailty and dementia became too much for dear Fritz, his loving Final Refuge Mom had to send him on with much love.  Fritz’s many friends gathered to send him off and celebrate this wonderful fellow.  We are very grateful that Fritz had such a loving send-off and final chapter.

Fritz and Maggie snug as bugs