From his ODH mom: The little old man lhasa apso Gadget came to me in June 2014 directly from a shelter via ODH transport. He was very underweight and all his hair had been shaved off due to extreme matting. Good daily food soon got his weight up and his hair growing. We got his medical issues under control.

With his princely strut on those little bowed legs and his calm, steadfast manner he pranced his way into my heart. He took to the doggy door like a champ and followed me everywhere. When I worked in the garden he would come up beside me and with a hello and a pat he would lay down and watch. When we moved into the country and I used the riding mower, he would follow along behind. He loved going in the car with me but when I couldn’t take him he would settle down with grace and greet me with enthusiasm upon my return.

2016 proved to be a tough year for him. The medical issues increased and eventually his bad days outnumbered his good days. He never complained but remained steadfast. Gadget was never a cuddler always preferring a dog bed to his human’s lap or bed. On what turned out to be his last four days on this earth he wanted to sleep with his human and would curl up between my legs for the night. It’s as if he knew our time together was short. On 08.30.16 with tears in my eyes and sorrow in my heart we assisted him in crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

He was the smallest dog in the family but had a huge presence. He will be greatly missed as he was much loved.