“What a love of a dog” is the way Gem’s new Final Refuge home describes her. Even though she came from a large shelter with terrible ear infections in both ears, a staph infection covering most of her body, and pretty thin, she still has that wonderful Golden personality. Low key, very attentive to “her people” and just happy to follow the rest of her dog pack around the pasture on a slow walk. Gem has probably lost most of her hearing because she has had long-term ear infections that sadly, were probably never treated. We hope to teach her a few hand signals so she will know what we want her to do and so we can communicate with her more easily. She gets along very well with all the other ODH dogs in her forever home and they all seem glad she has joined them. She recently had a doggy “spa day” and her skin seems to be feeling much better now. She finally looks like a loved and appreciated dog again – which she is! Her new family hopes to keep her comfortable and spoiled for a very long time. Her Final Refuge family thinks her name fits her perfectly!

Update:  Just seven short months after coming to us, sweet Gem began showing definite signs that something was wrong. Her energy level dropped sharply, her appetite was hit and miss, and she was no longer as interested in being in the company of her Final Refuge “sisters.” After she was examined carefully, it was discovered that she had developed cancerous lesions in her esophagus. Not wanting her to suffer, sadly, we had to say goodbye. Her Final Refuge family was so blessed to have had the pleasure of her company. We will always remember her quiet demeanor and gentle wag of her tail when she saw us. These wonderful qualities will forever warm our hearts and we only hope we made her feel as loved as she did us! Gem asked so little, but gave so much.