Hi everyone!  My name is Georgio!  As you can tell I am blind, but I don’t let that stop me from climbing stairs and enjoying my walks with my two ODH pals.  I came to the shelter stray with a new haircut, well-behaved, knowing lots of commands, but very painful eyes.  So, someone loved me enough to train me, but maybe could not afford to take me to the eye doctor.  My eyes do not hurt me anymore as ODH paid for me to see an ophthalmologist!  It sure feels good!!   I am really good boy for my mom, but I get REALLY scared when she leaves the house.  She always comes back and I tell myself that, so I try very hard not to bark and pant.  I think I am making progress.  It was sure hard to be at the shelter and not to know where my family went.  I am realizing that this is my new permanent family and I am happy again!

Update:  Georgio was a brave fellow who had almost three years in his wonderful ODH home with his two pack mates.  He had a great life until the end when his body began to fail and his foster mom said a very difficult ‘good-bye’.  Georgio was quite a personality and will be missed greatly.