Gidget Rose’s owner died and a kind neighbor took her in. Unfortunately she couldn’t stay there so Old Dog Haven was contacted and Gidget Rose soon moved into her new permanent foster home.

Gidget Rose did not arrive in good shape. She was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, needed all her teeth pulled, and has severe arthritis and allergies. The allergies caused Gidget Rose to have chronic and often acute sneezing along with nasal congestion and cough. She was very uncomfortable and needed a expensive procedures to get to the root of the problem. Thanks to Old Dog Haven’s Maranda Fund, Gidget Rose was able to have a CT scan and rhinoscopy that required general anesthesia and a consultation with an internal medicine specialist.

The results showed no tumor (yeah), and no foreign object, but Gidget Rose was diagnosed with lymphoplasmacytic rhinitis that is difficult to treat and effectively a chronic condition. To help her condition she is on long-term antibiotics and her foster Mom keeps her away from as many allergens in the environment as possible.

Gidget Rose has been much more comfortable on the antibiotics and she visits her veterinary internist to monitor her dosage, frequency and alternatives. She has so many issues for a very small dog but Old Dog Haven has ruled out life-threatening issues in her nose and has found a treatment that helps her.

Despite all Gidget Rose is a very spirited old girl! She loves her foster Mom, is very loyal, and loves to snuggle (most of the time). She’s really quite a character!

Update:  After over two years, Gidget Rose’s health finally failed and her foster Mom had to say good-bye.  She was a very special, spunky girl and will be greatly missed.