Gigi was found wandering the streets of Lynnwood on July 5th, 2013.  She was very fat, was lame on all four legs, and was missing three toes on one foot so definitely mobility-challenged.  PAWS took care of her for a month until she joined her ODH home. Though she loves her treats, Gigi has worked hard on her girlish figure (98 pounds to 66!)  which has helped her arthritis quite a bit. Gigi is a true lady and is always well behaved and a good example for her foster siblings. Gigi thinks her human dad hung the moon and when he is home she is right with him. Despite being estimated at 13 years of age at intake she is still quite active and often needs to be reminded to slow down.

Update:  After 2-1/2 years with her ODH family, Gigi said she was ready to leave her body. She was probably 15 years old and had a wonderful time being loved and so well cared for – a great life for a grand old lady. She will be missed.