Her ODH mom tells the story: “We got Gigi (former name “Girlie-Girl”) the day before Christmas eve in 2012. Wonderful volunteers picked her up from the shelter and brought her to the Kingston ferry. Gigi and I had to run to make the ferry back to Edmonds and she was so happy – later I read in her shelter paperwork that she loves to run on a leash, and it was definitely correct. She was so happy to come to her new home. She settled in right away. She follows me everywhere. Sometimes she will go out and investigate the yard for a bit and then come running full speed inside to make sure everyone is still where she left them. Gigi has been close by my side throughout my long illness and her beautiful face and sweet nature always cheer me up. She has the energy of a 2-year-old; you would never guess that she is as old as she is. She always gets fed first because if I don’t put her bowl down immediately she will perform acrobatics like she is in the Cirque du Soleil! When the Sounders score a goal she comes barreling off of her dog bed to celebrate with us. She rarely gets up slowly; she is like a lightening flash. She is very fond of treats and we are careful to set them down in front of her so we can keep our fingers. Gigi is a love and we are so blessed to have her in our family. Thank you Old Dog Haven for this wonderful opportunity to have this sweet old girl in our lives.” GG lived nearly 3 more years as a much loved member of her ODH family, a healthy lady whose body finally just couldn’t go any longer. At 17 years old, it was time. She leaves many happy memories and will be greatly missed. GG died November 2015