Ginger came to ODH at about age 13 when her lifetime owners could no longer care for her. She seemed pretty frail, wasn’t moving too well and was leaking urine continually. After some of the stress of moving to a new home wore off, with consistent medication and veterinary advice she became more comfortable and less incontinent. Once settled into a Final Refuge home with a little “pack” that really suited her, she blossomed into a lively walker and a very affectionate girl whose leaking is well controlled with medication. She had a major dental procedure and now eats with enthusiasm. She serves as ODH ambassador at various events that her foster mom attends, and often goes to work with her. A beautiful girl inside and out, Ginger may be starting into kidney failure but she’s not gotten that memo – she’s becoming “younger” as she realizes she’s wanted and loved. We like that! Ginger had a wonderful “retirement” in her ODH home, loved and happy and healthy. After just a few days of seeming uncomfortable and restless though the vet could not find anything wrong, she slipped away in her sleep – most likely from a ruptured internal tumor. Her ODH family misses her greatly but has such happy memories of this lovely old lady.