This little fella, Gino, lost his guardian of 14 years when she went into a nursing home. She gave him away before going into the home but, sadly, he was returned due to his age.  This time Old Dog Haven was contacted.  He went into a temporary foster situation with ODH until a permanent home could be found.  Luckily that did not take too long and he never had to go into a shelter but was in 4 homes in just a matter of days.  He’s a little confused but seems to be adjusting well.
He is a spicy little guy – he wants what he wants and is quick to let you know what he does not want.  It’s hard to refuse that little face.  He naps a lot but when he’s awake those curious eyes are always searching for something to get into. He has a bark, whine, and howl combination when he wants attention.

He is very playful and wants to play with the other dogs in his new home no matter the size.  He has some dental issues and we are not sure what else until he has his intake exam which is scheduled for next week with a fantastic vet clinic.  He will get the best of care thanks to the supporters of Old Dog Haven.

During his intake exam, it was discovered that he has the very beginnings of kidney disease. Also after he had been at this foster home for two weeks, he started to have mild seizures.  He went back to his regular ODH-approved vet and was started on seizure medication.  He will see a neurologist very soon.  Old Dog Haven spares no expense for the dogs and I am so thankful to our donors for making that happen.
Update #2:  An ultrasound showed Gino was just beginning an inevitable internal rupture that could not be solved by surgery.  We had to let Mr Spicy go to spare him pain.  And from his Final Refuge Dad: “He was such a huge presence in our home and we will miss him dearly”.