Hi!  I’m Gordy, I’m a 10 year old Westie who weighs 19 pounds.  I’m currently living with three other dogs and we all get along just fine. Since coming to rescue I’ve had a lot of “work” done to get me to a healthy place. I came from a very poor situation where I was badly neglected so I’m very willing to please and I am a much happier guy now.

I’m searching for a super special family who’ll love and enjoy having me around forever and willing to take care of my medical needs.  You see I have Cushing’s and the medications are a bit spendy.  Cushing’s is very manageable with the proper amount of Vetoryl.  I need it twice a day and I have no problems taking it.  I need to be monitored occasionally by the vet by testing to make sure the level of the medicine dosage is correct. I need to eat a high-quality grain-free food and my coat grows continually so I’ll need to be groomed about every two months.

We’re all Terriers at my mum’s home so there aren’t any cats here.  (She does have a friend with cats so she can “cat test” me if you have cats.)  Oh and I’m not much of a barker but when I want to be heard, I woof twice! I’m told that I’m a “real sweetheart” by my foster mum.  I’m ready for my forever home so won’t you please help them find me?”

Gordy is posted for Furbaby Rescue. He is fostered in Olympia, WA. For more information about Gordy please email: psbarks@gmail.com

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.