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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!



From her Final Refuge Mom:  Since Gracie arrived at our home she has made a complete turn around. She has gone from being neglected and mistreated to a happy, healthy and loving dog.  Despite her past Gracie immediately made herself at home and fell right in with the other dogs as if she always lived here.

When she arrived Gracie’s ear canals were terribly damaged and something needed to be done immediately. The Maranda Fund was used to remove her ear canals by a wonderful surgeon who has treated other Old Dog Haven dogs. The surgery was a huge successful and Gracie suffered no side effects such as an infection or permanent head tilt. This is an expensive procedure but it is so worthwhile and literally lifesaving!

Now Gracie has more energy and interest in the yard and her beagle pack. Gone are the days when her infected and terrible oozing ear canals made her consistently scratch her ears and shake her head. She now absolutely loves going out in the yard and doing beagle “stuff” with the rest of the crew. Her eyes are so bright and she is so relaxed and happy.

Gracie is a perfect lady.  She is a quick learner, very obedient and now that she has lost her hearing Gracie has learned basic hand signals. Her favorite things are sleeping, sniffing in the yard and treats. She also loves having a cozy blanket on her dog bed. In fact, I have to fluff the blanket in her bed before she gets in it for the night. She stands next to her and bed looks at it, looks back at me, then back to the bed until I get the message.

Gracie has reminded us how forgiving dogs can be. What she went through before she came to Old Dog Haven was not pleasant but with medical care and lots of love she is now one happy girl. Thanks to our generous supporters, Old Dog Haven and the Maranda Fund Gracie now has the life she deserves.

Gracie’s first day, she settled right in

Recovering after surgery


Gracie loves sniffing in the yard

Cuddling with her beagle friend

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