Gramma Rose– A Lovely Lady
Gramma ended up in the shelter as a stray. The shelter contacted Old Dog Haven and told them how sweet she was, but was in pretty rough shape. She had so much discharge in her eye that you couldn’t even see her eyeball. Her back end was so atrophied she could barely walk, her hip is so bad that the vet at the shelter said it was amazing she could walk at all. Her file indicated it could have been from a trauma like being hit by a car, which may be true because she also has scars all over her back legs. She seemed like an old lady.

Initially her ODH family chose the name “Rose” because it seemed like a proper name for a proper lady, but soon she became “Gramma”. The shelter was right. Gramma is one of the sweetest dogs you could meet. She is a people magnet and loves to have people tell her how soft she is and pet her while she leans on them. Every time her foster mom or dad gets home, she grabs a toy (which her dog brother taught her) and sings “Rrrrrrrrrrrr”. Gramma loves to go anywhere, especially if people are there who want to tell her how cute she is and also give her treats, so she is a big hit at pet stores and dog events.

ODH sent her to the vet who put her on daily medication to help her hip, and to the eye specialist who diagnosed dry eye which is managed with daily drops. With ongoing medical care, good nutrition, exercise and dietary supplements, Gramma has reversed in age. She isn’t really even an old lady anymore. She is always happy and smiling. She chases her dog brother while they play fetch and keeps up with him, and does her fancy spin turn on the way back. She loves to play with her dog brother and chase her cats. Every day she is told how lucky we are that she came to live with us, and her ODH family thinks the feeling is mutual.

Update:  After 4 amazing years, this dear old girl finally had to leave her loving home.  She made such an amazing recovery under the wonderful care of her foster family.  It was with great sadness that they finally had to say good bye.  She changed the lives of her Final Refuge family and touched many others with her spirit and love.

e-Rose pointer running-FR