Greta is yet another elderly dog rescued from a large shelter after she was found “stray”. The people at the shelter knew there was little to know chance she should be adopted due to her age and health issues and contacted Old Dog Haven. She is quite small and seems mostly Labrador, with “something else” that makes her have a pretty “modeled look” to her face and legs, along with the very distinctive silver markings befitting a lady of her age. She has settled into her Final Refuge home quite well, and seems to have picked up the routine nicely. She especially loves trotting around in the pasture, and going for walks, sniffing everything in sight! She came to ODH slightly thin, and with an ear infection and some arthritis in her back legs and hips, but she tries not to let all that slow her down. We don’t think she sees very well out of one eye, and her hearing is minimal at best, but we are working to teach her hand signals, and she does a good job of trying to pick that up a little at a time. Her Final Refuge family appreciates her “I love life” attitude and that she responds so well to her newly acquired good meals, soft bed and the realization that she now has people who truly want her to have the best end of life possible. She is quick to wag her tail, which we believe is her way of saying “thanks so much for taking me in”. Greta is a sweet girl, and her Final Refuge family feels lucky to have her and hopes she will be with them a long time. Update: Greta was with her Final Refuge family for almost two and a half years, and during that time she gave them continuous tail wags, happy “smiles” whenever she was near, patience with all her Final Refuge “sisters” that came after her and a willingness to share her wonderful “lab personality” with anyone that even looked her way! She never met a person she didn’t immediately love and was always happy to give them the gift of her attention. She was the calm and quiet one who never barked, but always kept a watchful eye out for whatever was happening in her corner of the world. She will be missed greatly and never forgotten! Many thanks to Old Dog Haven for sending this wonderful dog our way. It was our honor to have cared for her. Greta passed away May 2015.