This cute little min pin came into a shelter with very painful eyes. The shelter vet quickly decided that one at least needed to be removed immediately and ODH rushed to get him into care for the presumed corneal ulcer. Fortunately, the diagnosis was wrong. He does in truth suffer from quite serious “dry eye” which requires twice-daily drops but his vision is good and no surgery was needed. No doubt his eyes had been sore for a long time and he was VERY difficult to get drops into. After being taken in by a veterinary assistant and her family, treatment has been quite successful and he’s comfortable.

Guinness is a sweet little man. Affectionately referred to as “Guinny Pig” he loves to cuddle and have almost constant contact with his humans. He gets along great with the pug and cats in the house, but be ready to share your affections, you CAN NOT pet any other animals with out Guinness trotting over for his turn. Even though he sleeps more often then not, he is always on high alert, making sure to notify everyone within earshot of any presence at the door or within 50 feet of the house.

His favorite things are car rides, sleeping under the blankets and “treat time” (which is how he is tricked into allowing eye treatment!).

Update:  Dear Guinness was a MinPin to the core, and was very much loved.  However finally, his medical ailments were too much even for his determined spirit so his family sadly said goodbye.  This sweet little cuddler will be very much missed.