Gumby’s foster family likes to think of him as everyone’s favorite grandfather. He makes all the appropriate old man noises, smells, and hurumphs at all the right times – but he couldn’t be more full of love and devotion if he tried.

This sweet boy was picked up on the side of the road and spent over four months at a shelter with no prospects of adoption before being taken in by ODH. He was also, unfortunately, unable to be taken on any walks whilst in the shelter due to a significant limp from severe arthritis in his left elbow. Additionally, he was found with a large number of scars throughout his body that give the impression of a less than pleasant past. While the limp will likely never go away, his pain is managed with a number of different medications and it certainly doesn’t slow him down. He has an abundance of energy when he explores his new backyard & nothing makes him more excited than someone picking up his leash.

Despite all of this and despite requiring extensive long-term care for his arthritis and needing a large number of teeth removed, he’s now much more full of life and significantly happier in his final refuge home. His foster family hopes to share many wonderful years with him at their side, providing him with all of the love and kindness he’s always deserved.

Update:  After some wonderful time in his Final Refuge home, Gumby suddenly became very ill and his loving family had to say goodbye.  He was a very special boy who was very brave and will always be remembered.