“Hey there! My name is Hank. I am a 10 year old mixed breed boy who weighs 77 pounds. I guess you would call me a sensitive fella. I am hoping to find someone who will help me gain some confidence and make me feel secure. My hope is once I find my new home, I will never have to go through rehoming again!

“I have lived with other dogs and done OK with them. I just don’t appreciate a dog who will try to eat my food. That’s rude, right?!  I can be a little nervous around new dogs but if a dog is mature and mellow, maybe we could be friends? I have never lived with a cat who lives inside the house but when I see the ones outside, I don’t have a problem with them.

“While I may be OK with older kids, the recent additions to my home make me very nervous. Toddlers are  A LOT! They are unpredictable and loud and I truly want to get away from them. Another thing that makes me anxious are tall, thin men. I can’t recall why I feel this way but I do. So short, fat men may be OK?? That’s a joke! But seriously, I share all of this with you so that I can find the very best home with someone who knows all about me .I really do have so much love and devotion to offer!

“Recently my people took me to the vet for a checkup and overall I am a pretty healthy dude. I do have some arthritis now (understandable and expected) so the vet recommended an anti-inflammatory for me to take to help with discomfort in my joints. The trouble I have is in my hind legs so a home with too many stairs could cause issues for me as I continue to age. I’m not a dog who will be easily carried up and down stairs so please take this into consideration.

“I have been able to stay alone in my home when my humans leave the house without any problems. However, when I move I will need time to settle in and learn this is my new home, and that you will be returning and all will be fine. So many dogs are rehomed many times in their lives; it is always best when a dog can learn to be alone without anxiety. I can do that but please remember I’m moving  after having the same home for many years; I need time to adjust.

“You could say I’m not much of a barker though  I will bark if I hear a noise outside. Oh and if there are any frogs around, I’ll bark at those too! My favorite place to be is curled up on the couch. If you have a fireplace, I’m all about hanging out there! Who doesn’t love to be warm and cozy?

“Playing with sticks is fun as is a good game of tug of war. It’d be nice to go for regular walks but I do pull on leash when I’m excited. This means you must be strong enough to control me. A Wonder Walker harness or other no pull lead would be helpful. We can bond over walks and time together! When you’re ready to sit and watch TV or read, I will be there, ready to keep you company and be your friend for-always!”

Hank is located in Snohomish, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.


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