Harley came to ODH from a shelter where his constant barking, tufts of missing fur and some pretty bad skin issueshad made it clear that shelter life was not for him. When Harley came to ODH, we took care of his skin issues – most likely caused from poor nutrition and living outside, cleared up his infected ears (he has some hearing loss) and learned that he has severe separation anxiety.

After a year in his ODH home his skin and ear infections have cleared up with the help of a dermatologist – but little has been able to curb his extreme anxiety. He is destructive when left alone and cannot be crated. Basically, if Harley can’t go where his foster mom is going then she doesn’t go – not an ideal situation. Harley would be OK spending time with another person, he just needs constant person/people contact. We don’t know when this anxiety developed but being abandoned to a shelter certainly made it much worse.

Harley also developed a nasty infection in a hock which required specialist surgery to correct. Trying to keep him quiet, and keep him from removing his cone collar and then ripping out sutures, proved to be very difficult. Two months of going to the hospital for bandage changes were finally needed to finish healing the incision. Harley doesn’t make anything easy for his foster mom!

Aside from his anxiety, Harley is a good boy. He gets along with his foster mom’s 6 other dogs, loves everyone he meets including kids, and enjoys life!