Hawkeye was brought in stray to a large shelter, at 13-15 years old with advanced osteoarthritis and testicular lesions. It was love at first sight for most everyone at the shelter, as he gamboled and pranced around the yard with the volunteers as best he could, cutting Old Man Zoomies (for about ten feet) with a huge smile on his handsome face. When he wasn’t  claimed, long-time ODH foster and shelter volunteer Dianne began working to find him a place with Old Dog Haven. Shelter staff confirmed placement, ran labs and the shelter veterinary staff performed his neuter and scrotal ablation and sent the masses to pathology. The shelter’s senior dog foster coordinator (and ODH foster) Elizabeth sent him for post-op recuperation with one of his biggest fans, shelter volunteer Lark and her family of kids and assorted rescue animals. After a week of recovery, Hawkeye was welcomed into his Final Refuge home where he settled in immediately with ODH foster “sister” Zoey and resident senior dog and cats.

We were thrilled to learn that the testicular growths were benign tumors.  Despite weeks at the shelter, Hawkeye was still cheerful and happy to know everyone he meets – human or animal.  He seems particularly fond of kids. He’s already charming folks at his local pet boutique, long-time ODH supporters Paddywack (owner Shane took the photo of him at the store), and pretty much everywhere he goes.  Hawkeye looks forward to meeting many new friends at ODH outreach events.

Update:  After being a wonderful and joyful ODH ambassador, and enjoying his time with his loving foster mom, Hawkeye suddenly developed pneumonia and possibly a neurological event.  When it became clear we couldn’t restore this boy’s health and comfort, he was loving sent on with much sadness.  Hawkeye will always be in his foster mom’s heart and we was beloved by so many others who were privileged to meet him at various events.