Here’s Hazel, a pretty, affectionate, 40 pound pit bull mix who is estimated to be about 12 years old. Hazel is in need of a home as soon as a good home can be found for her.

Hazel is described as being a very easy going dog. We are told she is good with gentle children and she loves people. Hazel does not want to share her home and people with other animals. She needs a home without other dogs or cats. Hazel’s owners say she used to live with another dog but has recently become aggressive with the dog. Her people also state she becomes quite animated during walks when she sees another dog. For this reason she’s not getting out for walks but exercising in the fenced yard of her home. It would great if Hazel’s adopter could help her work through her issues with other dogs, perhaps through positive training?

Hazel is crate trained and can manage quite a while before she needs a potty break. We’re told that Hazel prefers her crate when her people leave. She can do stairs at this time. When her people are home and she’s out and about in the house, she loves to find a place to watch the world from a window. She’s always up for some cuddling with her people! Hazel does bark when visitors arrive and has been known to get so excited she will potty a bit from her excitement.  There are reasons a dog does this sometimes and one should research that but most of all, show patience and understanding.

The hope is Hazel will find the adoptive home she’s in need of very soon. She is courtesy posted for her owners in Seattle, WA. For contact information please email:

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