Hazel is an almost 14 year old Shepherd mix who found her way to Old Dog Haven from less than stellar circumstances – and with heart troubles, bad skin, old bones, and all sorts of lumps and bumps to boot.

With a new loving home and ODH vet care, however, her whole personality changed almost immediately. Hazel now takes 22 pills a day for her various ailments and this has proven to be the recipe to success: She’s an absolute ball of energy wanting to gogoGO all the time! Hazel just loves people, dogs and most importantly…FOOD! She can’t get enough. Her absolute favorites are yams and any kind of fish – the stinkier the better!

Hazel tap dances and howls each morning at precisely 5 am ready for the day and most importantly, her breakfast! She makes us laugh every day. She loves her walks, loves barking with her brothers at any potential intruders, loves her car rides, and loves Dogwood Play Park. Hazel has a very busy social calendar and we will keep this social butterfly as busy as possible in her much deserved retirement!

Here’s sweet Hazel smelling seaweed by the seashore..

Update:  Sweet Hazel’s health suddenly deteriorated and her loving family knew it was time to let her go.  Hazel thrived much longer than expected with the very best medical care and so much love.  Her family devoted themselves to giving her the very best last chapter possible and she relished every minute of it.