This dapper little gentleman is Hector! Hector is a senior chihuahua mix who weighs a little over 9 pounds. Hector is looking for a loving home of his very own. Hector is so unique, because he only has one eye! This sweet guy is very snuggly and loves nothing more than to curl up on a comfy bed or sit on your lap for a snooze. He loves to snuggle up in blankets, and is an expert at burrowing his way into the coziest space possible. Hector is finding this chilly weather rather unpleasant, but luckily he looks like a stud-muffin in his trendy sweaters and coats!

Hector has been spending some time at a Foster parents’ home, and they report that he loves to stroll around the neighborhood, that he is housebroken, and that he knows how to use pads. Like many senior dogs, Hector will need routine vet exams to keep him feeling his best. Hector is currently on medication for his thyroid, so his adopters will need to continue this care and follow up with a vet.

It is unknown as to whether or not Hector has ever lived with other dogs but he’s been observed to be non-reactive with low-key, respectful dogs. Hector would love a quiet home without kids under the age of 12. If this adorable senior seems like the perfect fit for you, come in and adopt Hector today!

Hector is available for adoption at Kitsap Humane Society in Silverdale, WA.  More info at:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.