HEIDI had a really big head – I would cradle her head in my hands, and grab onto her cheeks because she had such a smoochable face.   Before going to bed each night, I would rub that little depression between her eyes and tell her how smoochable she was.

Her ears were also pretty spectacular, and when she was asleep and dreaming, instead of “running” with her feet, her ears would go around in circles.

I have never had a dog with such an amazing bladder capacity – once her bladder infection was resolved, she would pee only twice a day on her walkies, even though she went outside throughout the day with the other dogs.  I guess having an extra large bladder comes with being an extra large dog

When HEIDI was spayed at the Shelter prior to coming to Old Dog Haven, her mammary masses were not removed.   Unfortunately after 5 months of being static, one of the tumors suddenly took off and started to grow rapidly.  In less than 4 weeks it went from walnut size to grapefruit size. Toward the end it became apparent that it was going to be a toss-up as to what would be HEIDI’s undoing – her rapidly growing mammary mass or her slowly declining mobility.

Eventually the dependent surface of the tumor became bright red, a soft spot developed in the center, and then a darker red area formed in the center of the soft spot.  On Sunday she started objecting to having me check it. On Monday morning, she just stopped mid-walk and turned around and headed home, and HEIDI never wanted to go home – she would plod along forever.

But this day she looked tired – the tumor was taking its toll – and we had reached the point where the skin could ulcerate or the entire tumor could rupture at any moment.  After we got home from our walk, we loaded up for our last car ride to say goodbye.

HEIDI was with Old Dog Haven for 6 months; she was estimated to be 10-11 years old.  Thank you to all the donors and sponsors who made it possible for HEIDI to spend her last chapter in a home where she had cushy beds, and other ODH Final Refuge dogs to snuggle with.

Heidi loved to snuggle with a pack mate

More snuggling!

She loved to pose

Commandeering the smallest dog bed!

Tall enough to drink from the bird bath!

Anywhere is a good place for a nap.

Her serious pose