Check out adorable Henry! Only 10 years old, Henry weighs 11.5 pounds. Henry is a cute mix of Japanese Chin and Chihuahua.

Henry is looking for a home without any other dogs or cats.  It’s Henry’s wish to be the sole pet in the home and he doesn’t want to share his person’s attention with little kids either. Young children make him very nervous and when this has happened, he’s been known to nip (but hasn’t made contact). Henry loves women! It can take him longer to bond with a man.

Henry does great on leash. . He doesn’t expect a lot of exercise but he does appreciate getting outside for a good stretch of his legs and time to sniff. Henry can easily handle stairs. At this time in his life he can manage between 5-6 hours before he needs a potty break.

Doesn’t Henry sound like a great dog? He can stay alone inside his home as needed without any issue. Henry does sleep in a crate and will go into it during the day sometimes just because. He will bark to let you know someone’s at the door and sometimes he barks a happy bark out of joy when he plays.

Henry has a heart murmur which can be common in small dogs. His caregivers can tell you more about this but it has been thoroughly checked out and at this time he needs no medication for it. It could be that his heart will never be an issue but his adopter should be able and willing to afford his vetting and continue to monitor his heart and overall health.

Henry is posted for his owners. He hoping to find a new home soon. Henry is waiting in Snohomish, WA. for his adopter. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.