Tiny little Holly came into a shelter in such bad shape that the volunteer didn’t expect that she’d live to get into an ODH home. Less than 4 pounds, we couldn’t really tell that what breed she was. Now that she’s gained weight, had an extensive dental procedure, been treated for GI upset and been groomed, we see: an adorable tiny little Shih Tzu! Most likely Holly was in a puppy mill producing ridiculously small (and thus very expensive) puppies, and she certainly had to relearn how to be a house pet. It’s taken a great deal of effort and amazing patience from her ODH family, but Holly is beginning to thrive, beginning to move with confidence, beginning to eat normally, beginning to enjoy cuddling and human attention. Seeing her become healthy and more responsive has been their reward, but they also get to smile over that gremlin face and Shih Tzu wiggle. We thank Aussie Pet Mobile for their very kind grooming, they have such patience with our damaged and frightened old ones. Holly looks wonderful! Update: After well over a year in her ODH Final Refuge home, Holly began to fail rapidly – she stopped eating and could no longer run to greet her Mom and Dad. It is likely she had some sort of neurological incident and there was nothing to be done to make her comfortable again. With much sadness her family said their good-byes and held her while her wonderful vet helped her on her way. She was such a tiny thing and very brave – her family is so grateful she could stay as long as she did. From her Final Refuge (forever) family: “Holly Dolly, you have truly touched our hearts and will be with us forever – you are a very special girl. And our deepest thanks to Old Dog Haven for letting us care for her.” Holly passed away January 15, 2015.