Honaleigh is yet another sad example of a dog brought to the shelter because her human friend died and there were no plans in place for Honaleigh’s care if she became homeless.

Fortunately, the shelter notified Old Dog Haven and we became the forever family of this charming little dog.

When Honaleigh arrived, she bounced into the house, greeted her four sisters and immediately asked about food. It’s not surprising that she was hungry because she’s underweight, but she eats well and soon she’ll be a healthy weight.

Five female dogs in one house presents quite a bit of feminine energy, (especially if you add two women as moms) but the dogs all have their relationships within the pack and the dynamics work … especially if the humans understand that the dogs are in charge. Hanaleigh is the calm, easy going big sister that gets along with the rest of the girls and tolerates the antics of the two ruffians, Molly and Zuleia…

Honaleigh is quite confident; even her walk is more like trotting or bouncing rather than just moving from one place to another. Oh, and she can run! Her zoomies would be impressive on any (short) race track. She loves being around us, but she’s content to find her own spot on a bed in the study. It’s possible that her person was ill for a long time and she’s used to being on her own so she isn’t clingy.

Honaleigh is only twelve (we think) so hopefully she’ll be with us for a long time. She had her intake exam today and there isn’t anything going on that can’t be treated;  itchy skin, heart murmur, dental … the usual assortment of old dog issues.

We’re thankful to Old Dog Haven for taking care of her physical needs and allowing us to be her family. We love her and are very happy she’s with us.


After almost a year, Honaleigh’s heart murmur developed into heart failure, and she became medically fragile. Thanks to ODH she received whatever she needed in terms of meds, diagnostic information and treatment. Everything that could be done for her was done but she finally said it was time for us to release her from her failing body, so we sent her on to her next expression of spirit with love and thanks for the many lessons she taught us.

Honaleigh was a very classy lady who looked like she would be right at home on the cover of a 1930’s fashion magazine. But, she was also a warrior who quietly battled her health issues with grace and determination. We feel so fortunate that she was able to share a part of her life with us and we’ll miss her wagging tail and lovely smile.