Honey is that most wonderful breed: Black Lab Mix. She came into the shelter as a “stray”, extremely arthritic and finding it hard to move around. With supplements, medication, and regular exercise Honey is very comfortable now and enjoying her new life where she is cared for and loved. She’s up for gentle walks and true to her genes she LOVES playing ball! Her ODH mom says she is very sweet and very well trained – which is often true with the dogs who end up homeless. We’ll never know what happened to Honey’s previous family but she is home now. Update: Honey’s journey came to an end after only 7 months with her ODH home where she was very much loved (preceded by a month in a temporary ODH home that loved her as well). Her treasured tennis ball brightened her spirits to the end, and she will be missed by her mom and her dog buddies – her lovely spirit will stay with them forever. Honey passed away May 2015.