A personality worth talking about! 

Hot Toddy is a chihuahua that cam​e into​ a  wonderful ODH final foster home.   She was old, weighed about 4 pounds, was unspayed and as it turned out – had a very strong personality.

She is incredibly sweet, and always wants to cuddle and be close. Toddy is a bit of a challenge with food, but if you have another animal near, she’ll gobble it up. That took a while to learn, and the pickiness isn’t far off from a typical chihuahua. She likes her space, and rarely shares it with anyone other than a human. Even then she gets annoyed if her perfect napping position is disturbed. It’s quite funny to see.

As her foster mom says:  Hot Toddy is a feisty lady who’s done some serious living. I can picture her in house slippers, big neon 70’s moo moo, and curlers in her hair,  saying, “Young whipper snappers! They don’t know how good they have it. When I was their age…”
She’s a hilariously awesome old lady that I can’t imagine life without.

Update:  Tiny Hot Toddy had suffered from “episodes” since she first came to her ODH home.   After more than 2 years of a wonderful life there these episodes turned into seizures and became frequent and severe.  She was sent on her way with love and will never be forgotten.