Little Imogene, a very petite min pin with the most wonderful loving, cheery attitude, came into a shelter as a stray wearing a little pink backpack – that detail made many of us cry. Worse, she was in extreme respiratory distress. An ODH volunteer rushed her to a specialty center’s emergency department where she was put in oxygen and seen by a cardiologist and internal medicine specialist. Rather than congestive heart failure as the shelter vet suspected, the major problem was her lungs themselves. She spent nearly 3 days getting treatment for the infection there and then went to her ODH home where she proceeded to run the household – and snuggle up for lots of cuddles. Sadly, just a month later she suddenly developed an aspiration pneumonia which landed her back in the hospital for a few more days. This one was much harder to clear and she was tired of being in an oxygen kennel despite visits from her ODH mom and “godmother”. We all agreed that this would be her last struggle in the hospital. She had another month of very happy life at home, going on walks and getting into the cat food and enjoying herself before another sudden pneumonia overtook her. The xrays were worse and she was much too tired to go through it again. Imogene made a very big impression on everyone she met in her short time with us, and she’ll be remembered with a broad smile. Imogene died 5/21/15.