Izzy is a great little Lab mix girl who is getting smaller every day! She went from the shelter to her Final Refuge home when she was 92 pounds – wow! She should end up at about 65 pounds. At that point she did not walk very far without lying down and she certainly did not play or run. Since she’s been on a weight loss regimen she gets more active and playful every day. She now plays ball and runs around the “back forty” on daily walks. She is quite the character, too. She gets along well with kids, cats and other dogs, and she is her foster mom’s best buddy. She is almost always at her side, cries when she leaves and cries when she returns. She also complains when any other dog gets into her “space”, but likely wouldn’t do more than just complain!! Her companion, Lindy Lou (in Final Refuge care also) and her foster mom love her very much, even if she can be a little crabby. Update: Izzy spent much of the 2+ years with her ODH family fighting bladder infections, even a polypoid cystitis that required a lot of effort to conquer but finally left her bladder comfortable. Sadly, when she started having trouble breathing the vet found her to be full of cancer in her chest. She hung on a while – happy just to be with her family – but the struggle became too much. She really was her ODH mom’s buddy and has left a big hole in their home. Izzy passed away June 2015.