Jack is looking for a committed, forever home. This very handsome fella is said to be a Shepherd/Carolina dog who weighs 70 pound. Check out those awesome ears! He was adopted from a shelter 4 years ago, his true age is unknown but he is guessed to be about 9 years old.

Currently Jack does not live with other dogs. It is unknown if he lived with dogs in the past. His people state he needs slow introductions when meeting new dogs as he can be reactive at first. His ideal home would be one without any other dogs. Jack lives with cats peacefully and shows no interest in them. Because he has “sensitive spots”, he should only go to a home with children that are old enough to respect that and understand not to touch him in those places. So many dogs have to adapt to rehoming many times. Some can go with the flow, others don’t manage as well. Jack has been an anxious dog since was adopted. No doubt being in a shelter was hard on him. He’s had a very patient human working with him on his anxiety. We are told his anxiety is much better with time, CBD and prozac. Now that he needs a new home, we hope that he can adapt once more and finally find a true forever home.

The belief is that Jack needs a home with a large yard outside of the city as noise makes him anxious. He loves to get out and explore, stretch his legs and we are told he does well on leash. He doesn’t require a lot of exercise but exercise can help a dog’s mind and makes them feel really good, it’s so important to keep a dog moving! Of course Jack needs to be kept safe in his next move so a secure area for him to learn his new landscape is best.

Jack can stay alone without issue, waiting a few hours between potty breaks. One should only expect this from him after time and patience. He shows some signs of arthritis so it’d be nice if he received some help for that. His hearing isn’t as sharp as it once was and his teeth need some attention. Jack’s adopter should be willing and able to afford his vet care, including a dental if that is necessary.

Jack is described as a “sweet, loving and sensitive boy who rarely barks”. He appreciates road trips and adventures. He is not a demanding dog so we’d bet once he settles in and feels secure in his new home, he will become a cherished family member.

Jack is located in Portland, ORE. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Jack is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.