Jack seems to have had a great life until his person became critically ill.  His care was left to her grandson, until he somehow ended up as a stray found on a busy street. After he was picked up and taken to a shelter, the staff used his tags to contact the owner but was told they couldn’t take care of him.  No one came to claim this poor fellow during his stray hold, so the shelter reached out to Old Dog Haven for help.

Transport was quickly arranged on Christmas Eve and Jack is now with his ODH Final Refuge family and getting to know his new “brothers.” One of his new brothers is a cocker spaniel, who with the optimism that only cockers have, thinks he is a new “friend” every time he sees Jack. Jack is pretty patient with him.  His other new brother is a Shih Tzu who doesn’t really acknowledge the existence of other dogs.  So far it’s mutual indifference.

Jack is about 15 years old and in reasonably good health apart from a horribly infected mouth.  He’ll soon be getting that taken care of thanks to ODH and its loyal supporters. Jack is a delightful little dog, well mannered, house broken, and a real snuggle bug!

Update from Jack’s Final Refuge Mom:  Gentleman Jack was in his FR home for over 3 years.  During that time he developed first kidney disease, then heart disease. One morning we woke up and he was in severe respiratory distress so it was time to let him go. He passed quietly in my arms. His quiet presence is missed.

Leaving the shelter

En route to his forever home!