11 year old Jake is a 22 pound Cairn Terrier who has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. His owner states that he is already doing better now that his insulin injections have begun. Jake’s owner cannot keep up with his treatment, which will be lifelong. He needs an adopter who will give him a loving home and continue treating his diabetes and afford his regular veterinary care.

Jake has lived with another dog and he does well with friendly dogs he meets. Jake lives with a cat. He has been raised with children and would be fine in a home with older children now that he is getting older; he needs to be treated kindly and respectfully (as all dogs do!).

This adorable fellow sounds like such a nice dog! He does not expect much but would surely appreciate being able to stay safely inside his home when his people leave the house. This is not something he has ever been able to do so his adopter should help him become accustomed to it. We are told Jake is not a barky dog, he has only barked when he hears a loud motorcycle in his neighborhood.

Jake is not a fan of his leash, he has not been taken for many walks as he used to live in a home with acreage. We are told once his leash is on, he will pull at first and then settle in. We’d bet Jake would enjoy daily walks to sniff and enjoy his new surroundings. Jake will take off running if the front door is open. It sounds as though for his safety, Jake needs a home with a secure fence and someone who is committed to leashing him up for potty breaks and walks if he is not in a fenced area. Jake can manage stairs.

Jake LOVES going for rides in the car and enjoys going to his groomer. He is a chow hound who needs to be monitored around food. We’re told he’ll do anything for treats! This is helpful with a diabetic dog as it makes giving the injections even easier.

Handsome and sweet, Jake isn’t a dog who asks for much but when he receives affection, he shows you how much he enjoys it by rolling over, smiling and making happy noises. Because of his diabetes, he will need special care but we bet he will reward his adopters with lots of love and happiness.

Jake is located in Vancouver, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.