14 year old Jake is yorkie who weighs almost 5 pounds. This cutie pie does not ask for much; he is an old guy who is in need of a home where he will receive more attention. We are told that Jake is a smart fellow who is visually impaired. His person says he can still see some in spite of his cataract. It will be very important for Jake’s new person to be patient and help him learn to navigate his new surroundings.

Jake uses a potty pad at home but he has been known to “miss” the pad sometimes. Compassion and understanding are a must in situations like this where a dog loses his lifetime home. We are told Jake sleeps a lot. He is not as active as he once was and prefers being carried to walking. A home with stairs that he would have to use would not work for Jake. But since he’s so small, he’d be easily carried up and down stairs!

Jake has lived with other dogs in the past but he does not currently. His owner tells us that Jake is not interested in socializing with other animals. This could mean he’d be fine living in a home with other dogs as long as they are mellow and non-threatening to him. Jake has not lived with children in many years and because of his age and size, a home either without kids or one with older and gentle children would be ideal.

A home with an adopter experienced with senior dogs would be best for Jake. He needs to see a veterinarian for a full exam as it has been a few years since he had a full senior check up with lab work. Jake is in need of an adoptive home as soon as possible. Of course, the hope is, that Jake will find a home to stay in for the rest of his days where he has company more often and the care every dog needs and deserves.

Jake is located in Seattle, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.