Janey is that fabulous breed mix we find so appealing: Black Lab Mix. She turned 8 years old at the start of this year. Janey is a big girl at 97 pounds (att a recent vet visit it was said she should lose about 20 pounds). Janey needs a “personal trainer” who will be willing to help her lose this weight safely. Once this happens, Janey will certainly feel like moving more. At this time she can’t get too far on walks. Janey is said to be “fairly indifferent” about other dogs. She currently lives with kids who are over 3 years old and cats and she does fine with both. Janey does have some arthritis. She can still manage stairs but not too many and not too often; this is totally understandable considering the shape she is in now. Janey is able to stay alone in the home for a workday and to go without a potty break for up to 8 hours but it’d be nice if she didn’t have to, especially as she ages. This pretty girl is described as “a complete sweetheart”. Someone will be very lucky to welcome Janey to their family! Until that happens, Janey is waiting in Bremerton, Washington for her new home.