One of the Best Dogs Ever, Jed came into his foster family’s home after they’d had a very tough loss. Jed seemed to know that he had big shoes to fill and he lived up to the challenge. Jed was a wonderful dog; he was a gentle giant, a truly happy guy whose tail wagged all of the time. He loved going for car rides, getting out for walks and just being with his family. His foster mom especially adored him and he her. She’d named him “Jed” so she would sing him the theme song from “The Beverly Hillbillies”, Jed would just smile and wag his tail at her. When Jed was taken into care by Old Dog Haven, an ultrasound found a tumor growing on his liver. Jed did very well for quite awhile in spite of this but after 7 months the tumor grew so large he had to be sent on. This special dog will be missed always and remembered with a lot of love. Jed passed away October 20, 2014.