Jesty was found in a busy parking lot; the shelter told us he was an old cocker mix and didn’t see well. In truth, this beautiful cocker with the unusual color is completely blind from early-developing cataracts which are very common in cockers. He gets around so well that the shelter couldn’t tell he was blind. We clipped off the matted coat, neutered him, and consulted with an ophthalmologist. After very painful glaucoma developed along with infection due to trauma in one eye, we decided to remove the damaged eyes and make him much more comfortable. He’s a happy, extremely loving little guy who has gotten through all this stress with a great attitude intact, and should have a long happy time ahead.

Update:  Jesty was diagnosed in 2015 with Cushings disease which had damaged his liver, but the medication set him into kidney failure and made him feel terrible. His ODH family kept him comfortable and happy for 6 more months. He was loved for nearly 7 years with them and will be so missed.