Jiggy was a truly special little dog who took up a huge space in his Final Refuge family’s home and hearts. He was a constant companion to his foster mom; joining her while she worked at her computer (by sitting ON her desk) or in the bathroom while she put her make up on-sitting IN the sink. His foster mom felt as if Jiggy was a special gift she had been sent to make her days brighter. He had been an urgent-need pull from a local shelter and he had many health struggles in the 2 years he was in his foster home. Thanks to Old Dog Haven’s supporters, Jiggy had great veterinary care and every chance for the best quality of life; his foster family is truly grateful for that. Jiggy was a very happy, funny, silly dog and he was oh SO loved.

He will be remembered always as a one of a kind dog who made everyone smile.

e-Jiggy 0116