Jill and Buddy are friends who have experienced the recent, sudden loss of their human. Both dogs are Jack Russell Terriers. Jill is 14 years old and weighs 19 pounds. Buddy is almost 10 years old, he weighs 18.5 pounds.

Currently the pair are still living at home with each other only for company until the neighbor comes over to feed them but that cannot go on indefinitely. These best friends need a home to go to together.

We are told Jill seems to ignore new dogs whereas Buddy gets more excited and vocal about them. This is being taken as he doesn’t like other dogs but it could be he needs proper introduction with smart integration if a home with another dog is found for the pair. They have lived with a cat before. How they do around kids is not known but they’re described as sweet dogs and the belief is they’d do fine with respectful, gentle kids.

Both dogs like to go out into a fenced yard to roam and relieve themselves. They need frequent potty breaks. We’re told Jill and Buddy can do stairs. Jill isn’t much of a barker but Buddy will bark to let you know people are coming. Buddy will pull on leash some when he see another dog. Jill is the more mellow dog of the two and we are told she does fine on leash.

Buddy has lots of energy; he really enjoys going for walks. He leaps straight up into their air for joy when he’s excited. Buddy likes being pet and is said to be very easy to handle. Jill is described as a cuddler who enjoys people, loves affection and being held. We’re told they were used to sleeping with their human in his bed. We bet they really miss him.

These sound like very nice dogs who need a home they will have for the rest of their days. Their deceased owner rescued them from different situations. He adopted Buddy at age 2 after je was surrendered to a vet clinic. He gave Jill a home after she had been left behind in an empty home when a tenant left. They have lost another owner, they will lose another home, the hope is that they shouldn’t have to lose each other as well.

Jill and Buddy are located in Blaine, WA.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.