A perfectly splendid old dog, Joe Wiener was one of the best. He was brought in for euthanasia at a vet clinic after his owner died. A kind woman working there saw his sweet face and wagging tail and couldn’t bear for him to be put to sleep so she offered to take him. She had some basic vetting done for him and then asked Old Dog Haven to place him once she realized she could no longer keep him. Joe was put up as adoptable and he received not one single inquiry. But someone wanted him right away when she saw his picture: the ODH foster who ended up being the lucky one to bring him home. Joe Wiener was with his foster family for almost 15 months. He had quite a few health challenges but in spite of all of it, he remained his happy, sweet self. Joe was completely blind but he knew his name and so when you’d say “Hi Joe!”, he’d look in your general direction and wag his tail. You could often find Joe out in the yard, exploring. When new dogs came into the home, Joe would sit next to them and give them a proper “Welcome Washing”. Joe was a very old dog and in the last months, dementia set in. It is hard to watch that change in a dog and once he developed a skin infection that just kept getting worse despite treatment, his foster family knew it was time to let him die with his dignity. Joe Wiener will always be remembered with great love and a smile. He passed away July 5, 2014.