Check out Jonesy, a good-looking, muscular dude – and that’s not all. Jonesy is also smart, friendly, laid-back, and a most excellent snuggler. He’d like to share his life with humans who enjoy hiking and hanging out, and he’s offering his services as a provider of great company.

Jonesy is probably an American Bulldog / American Staffordshire Terrier mix. Jonesy is estimated to be about 8 years old, he weighs approximately 60 poiunds. Apart from enjoying long hours snoozing in a patch of sunshine he doesn’t look or act much like a senior.

Nothing much fazes this boy. He adapts quickly and calmly to unfamiliar situations. He tends to be polite but reserved with humans he doesn’t know (although he loves kids!) but he eagerly greets the two-legs he recognizes as friends.

Jonesy gets on well with most dogs, both large and small, provided they’re polite. He’s always eager to introduce himself, which can be a little overwhelming to some, so he needs an alert human who will help him remember not to be too pushy. He is respectful and tries to avoid confrontation, but he doesn’t tolerate overly dominant behavior.

Unfortunately, Jonesy is not safe with cats or other small prey animals. He’s had many opportunities to learn to ignore cats, and … well … they’re just too interesting; he can’t take his eyes off them, and he’s pretty sure they’d be delicious. With larger animals like cattle and horses he’s mildly interested but respectful.

Jonesy is a laid-back, medium/low energy dog, but he’s no couch potato. He LOVES walks and hikes, especially if they include time to splash in the water, and can safely be trusted off-leash. He doesn’t like to be cooped up indoors, so is looking for a home with a securely fenced yard. He’d love to share his home with an easy-going canine buddy who enjoys both snoozy times and a hard game of tag … but he’s also good at being the sole companion of his own special person. Jonesy is a good traveler. He enjoys going to interesting places, is polite in public spaces, and will wait quietly in the car if he can’t accompany you inside.

Jonesy knows how to walk well on a leash, although he may pull if he’s excited or wants to greet another dog. Off-leash, his recall is good. He is reliably house-trained, quickly learns and obeys house rules, and crates up on command. He knows the basic commands – come, down, and stay. His house manners are good – he doesn’t jump up, shove through doorways, counter-surf, or chew inappropriately.

Although no longer a young dog he’s intelligent and very capable of learning new skills. However, he’s a typical bullie: he can be stubborn, and tends to give priority to pleasing himself. He needs a human who is a strong, consistent and patient leader, and who can make training fun. This dog will not respond to compulsion, but he does love to have fun!

Jonesy is posted for Hearthfire Animal Rescue Team. He is in one of their foster homes in Yelm, WA. To request an adoption application form, please email

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters do to their own evaluation.