Josey, a Smooth Fox Terrier, came from the shelter at about 13 years old with paperwork that stated “not adoptable, old, not cute.” In her Final Refuge home she set out to prove them wrong – and did. Josey explored the 10 acres – by herself with no interest from or in the other dogs. She loved following any person but in a group was an insistent leader refusing to be in the middle or rear of the pack going anywhere. And at the end of each day she was awake long after the others have zonked out – just didn’t want to miss anything. When she finally curled up for a well-deserved snooze it was cuddled against a person if possible or against another dog or cat if she must. Christmas Day she was active, happy, just as always and she settled down in her bed satisfied that all was well in her world. She never woke up. Her ODH mom knows that this was a wonderful end to a great little dog’s life but so unexpected, leaving a huge hole in the family. That bright little spirit will be very much missed. Josey passed away December 26, 2013.