Can you imagine the day Animal Control snatched up this little sweetie running around the streets of Tacoma? She was very sick with a respiratory infection, very hungry, dirty and sad. Someone lost her and never tried to find her. It was just before Christmas so the shelter named her Joy!

Joy, who seems to be a dachshund mix with something fluffy, spent some time in a temporary ODH home to get started on her path back to health. After a move to a Final Refuge home, as she felt loved and cared for she blossomed. She does a cute little dance, throwing her head back and rearing up on her hind legs. It looks like a happy dance (and she’s begging to be picked up).

Now secure in her ODH home, with 4 big sisters, her troubles are over. She runs around her house with confidence and glee.

Oh! Did we mention she’s blind? No worries. She can sniff out a cozy corner, a pile of laundry or someone else’s snuggly bed in a heartbeat. This busy girl also does a bit of therapy dog work in her spare time. She truly brings comfort and “joy” to all who meet her.

Joy doxiex Merrill Gardens-FR050216