Lovely Kali is a 12 year old springer spaniel whose life is about to turn upside down when her lifelong owner goes into assisted living.   Kali is looking to continue her life as someone’s “one and only”. Kali needs an adoptive home without other dogs. She cannot live with cats as we are told she has a high prey drive. Kali has not been exposed to many children in her life but the belief is she could do fine in a home with older, respectful children.

As expected,Kali has slowed down with age. We are told a couple years ago she had suffered a cruciate tear in her leg, and her owner chose not to have the surgery for her. It is not uncommon for senior dogs to not undergo this surgery, much depends on the severity of the tear.  Kali has arthritis in her elbow. A daily anti-inflammatory and joint supplement helps with her pain​ .One would want to continue this for Kali to keep her as comfortable as possible. Gentle, daily exercise and gradual weight loss would benefit Kali greatly. With the anti-inflammatory, a dog needs at least yearly blood work to be sure the medication is not affecting a dog’s organs.​  A veterinarian may ​o​ffer other pain relief options for Kal​i. With excitement, Kali will sometimes leak a little urine.​  Another not so common issue in older dogs. There is medical help for this too!  Extended family have all of Kali’s records; we are told she has received regular veterinary care and they will share this with potential adopters.

While Kali has not had much exercise recently, one should plan on making walks a part of her daily routine. Kali reportedly pulls some on leash but that could be the excitement of getting out! It could be very rewarding to help Kali exercise more and lose the weight to help her feel like a younger pup! Kali reportedly has that cute wiggly nub of a tail that springers do. She sure is a beautiful dog.

Kali is accustomed to being with her person. This sweet girl is affectionate and enjoys keeping her person company. We are told she has loved spending time in her owner’s garden while he putters away. She has had a home with a fenced yard all of her life. To find a new home where she could go out to relieve herself, explore and remain safe would be very nice for Kali. Kali has been OK to stay inside her home when her person has left. She rarely barks. Of course she will need time to acclimate to her new home, new people and new way of life. It is a big change for a dog to move at this point in their life but so often it is necessary. The hope is that Kali will find a forever home where she will be loved and remain for the rest of her days.

Kali is located in Sedro Woolley, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Kali is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.