Kali is a small black Lab mix whose owner brought her into a vet clinic for euthanasia since “the other dogs are picking on her and I’m tired of having to fix her up.” She was covered with very serious bite wounds, but so happy to see friendly faces that the sympathetic veterinarian took her in and called ODH. They repaired her wounds, fixed her teeth and nursed her for a week, and sent her to a Final Refuge home. Kali has lost the sight in one eye and much of her vision in the other, but that hasn’t slowed her joy for her new life. Her foster mom says “She absolutely LOVES people . . . stands on her hind legs to greet and wants to give kisses all day. Loves her belly rubbed and her head rubbed.” The other dogs and cats are patient with her and she’s surely a happy girl.

Update:  Amazingly, Kali lived nearly 9 years with her ODH family.   She’d been blind for quite some time, functioning well, but her family is glad that now she can be free to run and play with her vision intact again.   She will be missed.